Adaptive Re-Use: The Hacienda

The Hacienda

Santa Lucia Preserve (aka Rancho San Carlos)
The Hacienda (Lot 257)

In 1993, prior to starting the firm, Kathryn Shaffer worked for acclaimed New York architect Robert Lamb Hart in his San Francisco office on the architecture for two planned development projects. Shown above, one of the buildings at the 20,000 acre Santa Lucia Preserve:  the conversion of the original Hacienda into guest housing. 

Hart, a student of Harvard while Gropius taught there, is known for his planned communities beginning with his work at Warnecke and Associates, Architects and Planning Consultants in the '60s (at that time doing projects including Oahu Civic Centers study, CA State Capitol plan, and the University of California, Santa Cruz, as well as work for the Kennedy family), followed by work at the Hart Krivatsky Stubee partnership (BART/Trails, 1974; San Jose core area study, 1970 and 1972; Orlando central city, 1974; Hastings village center plan, 1975; Sonoma Meadows, 1976; and more). Hart's clients included some leading land developers including Vail,Hines, Disney, and the Rockefeller family and was an expert at transitioning family properties into planned developments.