Portfolio - Historical Commercial Projects


Carousel Center, 1990-2012 form.

Syracuse, New York

Dal Pos Associates Architects

In 1988-89 Kathryn Shaffer was Project Designer and Architect for Dal Pos Associates in Syracuse, New York where she co-designed a new 6 story shopping structure with underground parking, 6 anchor department stores, 150 shops, and a 12 screen theater with other designers in the office, executives at The Pyramid Companies, (a developer known for retail development and community involvement), and the City of Syracuse.

Located on a brownfield site on the shores of Onondaga Lake, the project was going to transform "Oil City" into  "Syracuse Lakefront" base on what was termed an RTKL assisted design for developer Pyramid developments. 

CarouselSide entrance Main towerSide entranceSide entranceCenter court

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