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Candy Baron

Candy Baron, San Francisco, is located at the waterside end of Pier 39, San Francisco, CA. 

As Design Coordinator / Tenant Coordinator for Pier 39, this was one of Kathy Shaffer's projects while employed by Moor + South / Pier 39 LLP. The Candy Baron space was once Triggerfish Restaurant, complete with full kitchen, seating area, and bar.  For this project, the restaurant and bar were completely demolished, the kitchen removed, and the interior architecture was totally renovated  with a new theme. Since the previous use of the space was approved by the Building & Health Departments, a continuance of use as a food facility (this time a prepackaged candy store) was approved.

Construction cost approximately $200,000, the contractor was RPE Construction (Rich Eslinger) and the owner was Ron Baron.

Agencies: Port of San Francisco, Department of Public Health San Francisco.

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