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Site Plan

Pier 39

In 2000, owner Kathryn Shaffer was Construction Manager and Design Coordinator for Pier 39, LLP and their property at Beach and Embarcadero in San Francisco, California.

In addition to assisting the the design and construction of induvidual stores and restaurants, part of her work at Pier 39 included the production of the Tenant Design and Construction Manual that was given to each tenant. This  48 page manual included drawings, details, and instructions on how to obtain approvals and permits from the City and the Port of San Francisco (excerpt showing the site layout by Richard Larson at left) and well as instructions for store design to maintain the design character of the property at that time covering elements like lighting, signage, merchandising, and floors. The manual also had unique requirements for kiosks, food carts, and performers (signature elements of the property). 

This property was originally designed by Walker Moody AIA in the 1960s and Kathy had the opportunity to work with the original drawings used to build the property.

Today, one of the specialties of Kathy Shaffer Architecture & Design are the planning and design of Urban Entertainment Centers with a special interest in industrial waterfront reclamation and reuse.